About Us

No more wondering how many loads it will take!

    Our biggest brag is that we don’t sell boulders by the load or ton!!!  The decorative boulder industry is stuck in the dark ages, when it comes to precision in delivering the correct amount of rock to your project. Every person that has ever bid a job that requires landscaping boulders has found that ordering rocks is very difficult.  Usually the contractor estimates that the job will require, say 3 loads of rock, but……. During the construction process it is almost the rule, and not the exception, that there was an under-estimate in the number of loads that will be required. At this point there is some un-comfort in the fact that someone will have to pay for the extra rocks. Most rock placement companies have there hands tied when they order rocks because they can’t ever get a real guarantee on how many square feet will come in each delivery. Those who are familiar with WeDoRox.com know that they will never have to wonder if there is enough rock to do the job.

High tech system is changing the way landscape boulders are handled.

    We have developed a system for inventorying and managing landscaping boulder orders that is the first and only one of its kind in the world. By having our website communicate information to our loading system we can absolutely guarantee that the customer gets exactly what they ordered. Our system inventories each rock with sophisticated PDA technology as it goes into the truck. As the truck is being loaded, the driver/operator, while holding the PDA, is evaluating and monitoring the current  size and shape of each rock. The loading machine operator is given instructions of what sizes and shapes to load and the computer informs the driver when the load is complete.  The calculations being done in the background have been 5 years in the development stages. These calculations make it possible for our trained drivers to be informed of when the truck not only has the right sizes of rocks for retaining walls etc, but also information regarding the total weight of the current load, and we 100% guarantee each delivery will have what you ordered. We will bring the extra rocks to any customer if we are short, but we offer even more than a guarantee to our landscaping companies; we will take them out to lunch on us, if we don’t bring enough rock!

Why would a graphics company mix with a rock company?

In 1990 Mike and his Father founded a company called Dimensional graphics and started into business designing and making stickers and iron-on-transfers. Lots of graphic computer work was required in this business. Also picture taking has been one of Mikes favorite hobbies, but it turns out, his wife Heather is a better photographer than Mike is.  So Heather can take credit for most of the good pictures on the website.     After the earlier graphics company was struggling financially, a second talent was tapped into, to help subsidize the income.   Mike was trying to go to school part time and needed some extra income to help pay the bills. Having grown up on a farm and also being very familiar with construction equipment around his fathers family construction company, he decided to ask his dad for a favor.  His father Bob was semi-retired from construction and had an old backhoe sitting around that could still do some work. The old tractor could help earn a college degree.  His dad agreed to the idea and soon Mike came across a project in Park City Called Red Hawk Ranches. This 2000 acre subdivision was the beginning of a very drawn out college degree for Mike (whom has only 2 classes remaining for the marketing degree started back in 1988).  Soon this great Park City project became too big for Mike to handle and he asked his dad to join up with him and work together. The graphics business was temporarily set aside. By 1995 there were 15 machines and 15 employees to run them. Everything was going great until a downturn in the Park City market caused some serious collection problems.  Mike bought out his dad at that point and downsized the business. The company went from 15 employees down to 1 in November of 97 (Mike). A re-focus on rock work which was the most enjoyable and profitable began.  This interest in rocks, computers, photography and graphics caused the now “rock company” to go back to the graphics company roots and mix some talents with this current endeavor.  Viola… in 1999 WeDoRocks.com becomes a new website which turns the rock world into a “graphic” rock world. We have since changed the name to WeDoRox.com to make it a little more interesting, but both web addresses will work.

So simultaneously in 1990 D&G Backhoe was created along with the Dimensional Graphics business. The same telephone line could be used for both businesses and could be answered by saying “D&G”. Little did Mike know that these two businesses and the information learned in both would bring such a new computer twist to the landscape boulder industry.

Our plans are to soon get our website and rock management system streamlined, and franchise to trucking companies around the nation. We are sure that our system will be the standard in the rock industry within just a few years.

Bragging rights

From 1990-1992 we made iron-on products that were used by the LDS church in their temple clothing and were shipped around the world. We also manufactured premium stickers for the Utah Jazz, Hardees restaurants and many other companies around the US. We also manufactured iron-ons for  many of the colleges around the state.

From 1992-present we have done quite a few interesting projects beyond the first 2000 acre phase in the subdivision for Red Hawk Ranches. We also were involved in the early stages of 46 home sites in Bear Hollow subdivision for the Jack Johnson Company who designed Deer Valley and many other famous resorts around the world. We have worked for football player Steve Young, basketball player Thurl Baily, and Senator Jake Garn. We have provided rocks for many government buildings including OSHA, Hill Air force base, and the IRS.  We also provided rocks for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. All of these contacts have been great to us and we appreciate them having so much faith in us.