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Company Profile

-Our company is WeDoRox.com, LLC and we have been supplying and training landscapers for over 20 years. We used to sell and place rocks but now only market and deliver landscape rock products.

-Until the last few years Mike has maintained an engineering license (E-100) with the State of Utah and spends most of the day on the phone with customers teaching them about what to do and not to do with rocks. Now since WeDoRox.com does no installation he has let that license expire.

-We specialize in supplying landscaping companies and home owners with landscape boulders and decorative gravels.

-Heather Thatcher has taken the best pictures in this website, and really put great effort into the photography.  I am Mike her husband and have done the graphic design, a large part of the least impressive photography, and all of the web development.  We work together in the photography, especially since recently each got our own new camera, and plan to continue growing this business in the future.

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information Customer Support & Sales: wedorox@gmail.com
Webmaster: richtersalesmike@gmail.com